unspecified: Where to buy the perfect ring
October 09, 2013


So you’ve decided that it’s time to pop the question. That’s step one. Step two is actually buying the ring. There are so many places where you can go to buy the perfect ring- I’m sure you’ve seen commercials for Kay Jeweler ( every kiss beings with Kay), Jared Jewelers (he went to Jared), and Zales (I’m not too sure what their slogan is). These places do have beautiful merchandise but their retail markup is so high !! Aside from their markup being so high, the quality of their diamonds isn’t always up to par. Many of their diamonds are I1-I2 clarity which puts them in the lowest class.

Your best option may be to go to a small local jeweler, someone you trust and that will be by your side throughout this entire process. The bigger chain stores always have different sales people, and to be honest they are not always educated in diamonds. The small mom and pop stores try harder to please you because they are up against such high competition. Their prices are usually much more reasonable and the quality of their merchandise is so much better.

Even if you set yourself a budget, wouldn’t you rather get more for your money ? if you don’t want to go to a mom and pop shop you can always reach out to us, designs by Kamni, where we custom make engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry. Don’t be afraid to contact us, we don’t bite !!

Happy Shopping :)

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