Engagement: What is the perfect diamond shape for you ? ( or your special woman )
April 20, 2013

As discussed in my first blog, diamonds come in many different shapes. Some are in a higher demand than others which increases their value but in the end a diamond is a diamond. It depends on the taste of the person who is going to be wearing the diamond.

The different shapes include :                                                                                                                    

•Round               •Marquise             •Princess (square)              •Heart

•Emerald            •Baguette              •Trillion (triangle)               •Radiant (octagon)

•Pear                  •Cushion                •Old Miner                           •Oval

 Diamond shapes such as Marquise, Oval and Pear are ideal for women with short fingers as the diamond is cut to be longer than it is wide. This helps the diamond look larger in relation to the hand.

Cushion and Old Miner cuts are older styles and are not used as frequently. These styles can be found in vintage and antique rings and jewelry.

Trillion and Baguette cuts are usually used as accent diamonds surround a larger center stone to give it a “pop” effect.

When it comes to current day (2013) engagement rings, round cut and princess cuts are currently the most desirable shapes. These shapes are more common than the rest and are found in 95% of typical engagement rings.

There is no right or wrong diamond shape, just make sure that you know what your lady likes before spending big bucks on a ring.

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