unspecified: Ways to customize an engagement ring.
May 29, 2013

One of my recent blogs discussed using a stone other than a diamond for an engagement ring. Want to be traditional yet different? Ok, well this blog is going to help you out than.

Can’t figure out how to make that special ring perfect for your special lady? Do you feel like all the rings look the very similar, if not the same? If so don’t panic, I’ve got a couple of ideas up my sleeve that I am going to share with you.

  1. Keep the diamond as the main stone, but use colored stones around it. Halo the diamond with her birthstone, or maybe her favorite color. You can always get a three stone setting and use colored stones on the sides to accent the diamond.
  2. Get fancy and use a colored diamond. Colored diamonds are a bit more expensive, but the classiness of a diamond heightened with a bit of color.
  3. Mix your golds. Use white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Like white gold but feel it’s a little too ordinary? How about making the prongs that hold the diamond a different tone of gold.
  4. Don’t use a diamond at all. Use a stone such as an emerald, or a ruby. Maybe even a pearl.
  5. Can’t afford a huge diamond? Create a setting which allows you to set many small stones that give the impression that it is a large diamond. Setting and size are important to women. (I know.)

There are many different ways to make your engagement ring unique. A little planning and customization will let your bride to be know that you put time, effort and a lot of thought into the ring. Not only will she know it was heartfelt, but no one else will have her ring. It will be special to her heart, just like you.

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