Blog: A Unique Piece & Task… and a THANK YOU to all my Clients!
January 15, 2015

Apart from making and selling Luxury Bridal Jewelry, DBK also custom makes all sorts of jewelry pieces. We also repair jewelry and can take existing jewelry and revamp them. Love your wedding ring set but want to add some jazz to it? Well, Kamni can consult with you for FREE and share her ideas regarding this!




Recently, I had the pleasure to meet a lovely couple in love. Been married for over 10+ years and still have such an energy when together… it was beautiful to see their passion and an honor to work with both of them.


They found me online, contacted me one evening right before the holidays, explained they had an engagement ring with 2 matching wedding bands soldered to each side, however, the original one was done right to match up perfectly… the second one was made years later by a different jeweler and did not sit flush to the engagement ring like the first.

They sent me a picture of the work they needed done and set up an appointment to see me a few days later. They wanted it done right, to match perfectly and contacted me after reading about all of the custom work I can do. I also suggested possibly changing the 6 prong head they had to *spice* up the look of the ring to maybe a halo or double halo setting… which they loved the idea of.


I advised the couple that this was not a simple fix. I needed to take apart the “unmatched” band, remove the head holding the center diamond, design a new head with the double halo, then design a new wedding band to sit perfectly with the engagement ring and have all of this set with diamonds, re-polished and cleaned. They then responded with… “we just want it done right!”


I took in the ring, and got to work! My talented team of jewelers which consists of diamond setters, laser solderers, bench jewelers, CAD/CAM specialists for custom designs, wax molders, a skilled casting company, and my very own polisher helped along the process of taking in an ordinary wedding band set (with some issues as to how the metals touched one another) and re-vamping it into a new and improved wedding band set that sit *Perfectly*


I am a very particular lady and my team knows it, we patiently worked together until we got this exactly how I wanted it.


This evening, the couple came in – Charlie & Tammy. I could tell they were extremely nervous, Tammy was so nervous, poor thing’s hands were sweaty and swollen and even shaking a bit! We started with light conversation as I began to get her wedding band set. I handed her the box to open it herself and take the first look. SHE . WAS . IN . AWE !!! She quickly put it on and fell in love. Charlie was so happy to see her so happy and content with the outcome. From the day they gave in the ring til today, Charlie was my only point of contact and he barely gave Tammy any information regarding the process to keep the end product a complete surprise. They were both SO happy to have the ring back and to see the wedding bands sit perfectly against the engagement ring, not to mention the DOUBLE HALO which absolutely added an extra touch to the entire piece.


They walked out happy and satisfied and so appreciative for the work I had done. It truly is a wonderful feeling (as a customer) to be able to trust the professional they are working with and get an end product that is even better than what they could have imagined.


On the flip side, it truly is a wonderful feeling (as a jeweler) to work with such lovely people and to have them appreciate the hard work, detail, and time I put into my pieces. It makes it all that much more worth while and it makes me want to continue to strive for perfection in each piece that I create.


Charlie and Tammy it was an honor to be your jeweler and a pleasure meeting the 2 of you!

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To all my other dear clients, thank you for being such wonderful people. I am so honored

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