The Process

We work a bit differently than the typical jewelry store or diamond boutique. We like to create a process which is more personalized and our clients have a larger role in the selection of the diamond and setting.
Our process is Simple, Systematic, and most importantly Enjoyable. We believe this process should be a memorable part of your love story, and an experience you will remember for years to come.


1Fill out the Consultation Form

2 Designs By Kamni will contact you via phone or e-mail to give a general overview of the process and setup an initial appointment.

3 At the initial risk free meeting there will be an educational segment on diamonds and the engagement ring selection process.

4 DBK will personally go through over 50-75 stones within your criteria and budget and select “winners” from the group. We usually select 3-5 diamonds, these diamonds are the best of the best and meet the criteria discussed at the initial meeting..

5 On our second meeting the diamonds will be presented one by one and explained fully. During this meeting, if a diamond is selected a deposit will be placed. We will also discuss the engagement ring setting during this meeting.
We have thousands or pre made designs and pre molded settings available, however, if you would like a custom setting, we are able to design engagement rings to the most unique styles imaginable! The custom design process is fun and exciting. We provide pre-production renderings to our clients for all custom designs to get an idea of exactly what is being made. You, the client, get to share your input and have the ring designed exactly how you want it!

6Once the engagement ring is completed, we will meet for the 3rd time. Upon approval the balance will be paid in full.

During any part of our process please feel free to keep open communication and ask any questions or concerns you may have. We will be glad to discuss unique proposal ideas, give our advice on insurance appraisals, and answer any further questions you may have.

Its time for your proposal! We would love to hear proposal stories and your feedback. Please feel free to contact us after your festivities are over and let us know how it went, we love to hear the happy & joyous stories from each of our clients!