unspecified: The Element of Suprise
June 12, 2013

The pro’s and con’s of surprising your special lady
When that special time comes it may be very difficult to decide on how to pop the question. Usually you two have discussed it and know that it is coming eventually but how are you going to do it without her knowing. Do you want it to be a surprise or is she one of those ladies who hates suprises. ( that’s me. when my boyfriend of the time proposed I couldn’t even say yes, I cried told him that I hated him then gave him a head nod). Every woman reacts differently. Take a look at these pro’s and con’s before you decide on what you’re going to do.

Pro’s of surprising your Lady
You are able to plan a romantic setting
Can be as simple/ elaborate as you want
You catch her off guard, truly giving her the element of surprise
You can take her breath away
You can plan for all her special people to be there.
Amazing Photo/Video Opportunity

Con’s of suprising your lady
She hates surprises
She can say no
The ring doesn’t fit
She hates the ring

It seems as if the Pro’s outweigh the Con’s in this situation. As long as you know the woman that you are planning on marrying, you shouldn’t have any problem avoiding the Con’s in the scenario.


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