unspecified: The art of setting
September 14, 2013


Diamonds are expensive, we all know this. Although there are a few tricks that can make that internally imperfect diamond look flawless.

  1. Diamond a little yellow ? put it in a white gold setting. The shine from the setting will help make the diamond look whiter.
  2. Lots of inclusions? go with a 6 prong instead of a 4 prong setting. The more prongs make it possible to help hide the flaws.
  3. Inclusions on the side? have the diamond placed in a deep setting such as a halo. This will hide the marks along the side with small micropave diamonds
  4. Can’t afford a large stone? Have smaller stones placed together in the center of a ring. This will give the illusion of a large center diamond.
  5. You can always have the diamond cut to increase its quality. Cutting a diamond can allow for possible increase in quality of: color, clarity, polish and symmetry. All things that effect the value of a diamond.

These few tips will go a long way when purchasing a diamond. Keep them in mind and Happy shopping :)

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