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    Designs By Kamni Location: 50 W 47th St Ste 1904 New York, NY 10036 Phone: +15162160015
  • Roberto H.

    Roberto H.

    My experience with Designs By Kamni significantly exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning, Kamni was extremely attentive and took care of every single detail that I mentioned to her. One of the biggest challenges when shopping for an engagement ring is that you'll often find gemologists trying to sell you very generic and standard designs.

    Kamni is the exact opposite of that. She oversees every step of the process which goes from creating computer-generated images of the ring, to printing the prototype in wax, then casting it in metal and finally setting the center stone. Her process is very meticulous and it's apparent that she cares very much about her business as she constantly made herself available to answer questions and to meet in person.

    I highly recommend Designs By Kamni. Looking back I realize that working with her was the best decision I made in my search for an engagement ring.
  • Caitlin V.

    Caitlin V.

    Working with Kamni was an amazing experience. We met with 5 other jewelers in the diamond district and Kamni was by far the most professional, you could tell she wasn't just trying to make a sale. She designed an engagement ring that is exactly what I wanted and found stones that weren't in NYC to show us so we had several to choose from. She also kept me in the loop throughout the process, was very quick responding to emails and worked within our budget. I'm so obsessed with my ring, I can't stop staring at it! She designed my wedding band too and I absolutely love it, I can't wait until we're married so I can put it on! My best girlfriends love my ring and their boyfriends already know her contact info for when the time comes, I fully recommend her for all jewelry needs.
  • Lance B.

    Lance B.

    Designs by Kamni was exactly what I was looking for and then some.  Kamni was was a huge help and obviously well educated. She made it easy while giving me lots of options and explaining it all.  The one on one helped me decide on stone, cut, clarity, quality, and a bunch of things I knew so little about.  This is one small business that has better than big brand quality. Can't beat service like this, can't even find it these days.
  • Mike R.

    Mike R.

    Kamni was great to work with. She helped us come up with a great custom engagement ring design. The process was very easy, no issues. I'll be back to get a wedding band. Would definitely recommend !
  • Simple S.

    Simple S.

    Kamni is amazing at what she does. She is truly passionate about her job and really cares about what her clients want. When we were shopping for engagement rings we were very new to the process. Before selling us anything, she educated us. She taught us about what people look for in diamonds and to figure out what was important to us. I really appreciated her teaching us about the 4 C's and helping us get familiar with the different type of diamonds out there. I have purchased several items from Kamni and all of them are beyond beautiful. My wedding band shine from a mile away and it fits me PERFECTLY. Kamni helped me find the perfect wedding band for my engagement ring. She truly cares about her clients and knows what she is talking about.  I love working with her and all my future purchases will only be done through Kamni :)
  • Shelly R.

    Shelly R.

    I'd been stalking the DBK page for a while and pretty much knew what I wanted. I'm a very practical woman and definitely do my research before committing to anything. My fiance left the research up to me and I stalked Kamni on review pages and so many people had so many nice things to say that she was the first jeweler on our list.

    First off, the International Gem Tower where her office is is truly impressive! We went up to her office and were greeted, sat down and Kamni asked us if we'[d like some water or anything and I blurted out "do you have any gum?!". They both looked at me and started laughing and did not have gum but offered us champagne.  I'll never say no to a glass of bubbly.

    Kamni had all of the specs I'd given her via my inquiry as well as some stones she'd handpicked prior to our arrival.  The process was really fun as each diamond was presented with GIA certs.  I'm not sure what you call the claw like pointer thingie but we were able to see the diamonds up close, in light, by my hands, out of the light, etc. All of the stones were within our budget and I wanted this diamond to be in our family forever so why not opt for the best? Quality over quantity, I always say.

    The 2nd to last diamond was a near final choice then Kamni brought out a little sparkly gem that she had to the side since it was similar in size and even bare bones without a setting, I fell in love with it. I placed it near my ring finger and it was the perfect size....we found my diamond! We looked at some settings and I told Kamni what I wanted and showed her some photos and by the following Monday, I had computer generated images of my future engagement ring.  

    Let me also say that my fiances bonus was a little delayed but Kamni worked with him to secure my diamond. We were able to work everything out the following week.....we didn't even bother to visit any other jewelers.

    Back to the bling....I gave the go ahead and a few weeks later, my ring was done.  The waiting process was the hardest for me because I'm a very impatient woman and there was one design hiccup that came up since my ring was being handmade under a microscope. I was worried but my fiance and Kamni communicated throughout and a few days later, the ring was actually done and Jax couldn't even wait for the plan to go down. He surprised me the same day and even though I designed the ring and was involved in the process and never even wanted a ring, it was the most special moment in my life to see my GORGEOUS ring and the man I love asking me to be his forever. Obvi, I said yes!

    Right away, I sent Kamni a text saying thank you and a photo of my ring and since then I have not been able to stop staring at my ring. If anyone even mentions engagement, I tag them on Kamni's photos so they can see her work and hopefully go to her.  It was a pleasure working with Kamni and since we are having a very short engagement, she also made my wedding band and a replica ring (for travel) all within my budget just for the engagement ring!

    Definitely go to Kamni for your ring for a modern perspective on style and sophistication. We looked at pricing on diamonds similar to mine (1.52, F color, good, round brilliant) and her price was very competitive as she gave us wholesale pricing. We were educated and met our jeweler for life.  She's also a very nice easygoing person to deal with so that makes the whole experience nicer. We will be sending her wedding photos of the rings and an announcement, love her!
  • Jennifer K.

    Jennifer K.

    I worked with Designs by Kamni on a wedding gift for my sister.  Not only was the finished product absolutely stunning, but the DBK team was a pleasure to work with.  Since I live in Chicago, everything was done via email.  I've never purchased something custom made from another city, but DBK made me feel so comfortable throughout the process!  I couldn't recommend them more!!
  • Fareen A.

    Fareen A.

    Designs By Kamni is a great establishment. Kamni was extremely helpful, professional and informative with any questions and/or concerns that I had. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend anyone who is looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry to go here!
  • VJ K.

    VJ K.

    Working with Kamni was truly an amazing and easy experience. We showed her the design we were looking into for mine and my wife's wedding bands as well as my wife's engagement band. She was quick to draw up 3-d sketches and we were blown away. We highly recommend Kamni for anyone looking for quality work at a fair price. She's worth every penny! Don't make the mistake of looking elsewhere! She knows her stuff!
  • Christine M.

    Christine M.

    Kamni, herself is extremely personable and easy to work with!  She helped my husband and I select the perfect engagement ring I have been dreaming of for a very long time.  Coming from a background in jewelry myself, I had very high expectations of what my ring was going to be like.  Kamni exceeded all of them!  I work in a very high end jewelry store with customers who are very use to a luxury product... not a day goes by that I don't get complimented on my ring which makes this girl very happy!  Kamni worked within my husband's budget and delivered an amazing ring in the carat, cut, color and clarity parameters we set for her.  She did my wedding bands as welI, and I'm extremely happy to be wearing them for the rest of my life!  Kamni is always there when you have a question and gets back to you the same day; just an outstanding person to work with!

    After the experience my husband and I had with Kamni in the purchase of my engagement ring and wedding bands, I have continued to go back to her for other jewelry needs as well.  She's slowly but surely becoming my very own Jacob ;)
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