Blog: Popular diamond cuts for engagement rings
March 29, 2014

Everybody has their own taste in jewelry but often times it is based on what is popular and what is not. Right now, in terms of engagement rings, princess cut diamonds and round brilliant diamonds are at the top of the market. Granted a diamond is a diamond regardless of its shape, but these cuts often accentuate the beauty of this precious stone. Many celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Aniston, and Tori Spelling all have round cut diamonds in their engagement rings. Hilary Duff, Kaley Cuoco and Kim Kardashian all have square cut diamonds. Each diamond is unique, but the styles can be similar.

Designs by Kamni can make you a ring with any shaped diamond that you want. Round, princess, emerald, pear, marquise.. the list goes on and on. Remember that DBK is here for you and we only want to make you happy. Contact us to start your journey on creating a ring that you, or your special lady will never want to take off.

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