unspecified: Planned Engagement ?
August 21, 2013

Do you both know that it’s the perfect time to make if official and spend the rest of your lives together. Great, that makes it easier when it comes to picking out a ring. If she knows that the engagement ois approaching why not let her help pick out the ring. This way you do not have to worry about her not liking the ring, or it not fitting. Just a few tips before you go.

-set a budget and let her know how much you can afford. (Don’t be too cheap, because she may change her mind)

-shop around. Let her look at more than just one store. Each store carries different merchandise, especially smaller, private shops.

-let her pick what she likes, but be sure to put your input in. after all you are the one paying for it.

-don’t settle. She will be wearing this for a very long time. You want her to be happy. Remember- happy wife is a happy life.


Happy shopping :)

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