A $99 Spa Treatment For Your Ring!

We came up with this idea after a bunch of our clients complained
that after a few months their rings starting looking old, beat
up, and worn out.

If you have a ring that’s starting to look worn and losing some
of its shine, we recommend a RING SPA. Essentially it’s a spa
treatment which will make your diamond ring look like it did
when you first put it on!

Engagement Ring Spa is an exclusive service we offer to our New York and USA clients!


Swarovski Nail File Kit
Free Jewelry Cleaner
Re-setting of the center stone
Prong Re-Tip (Up-to 2)
Double Layer Rhodium Plating
High Grade Polish & Cleaning
We recommend this service yearly if you wear your ring sparingly, and every 6 months if you wear daily.
If you have any question please contact us