Diamond Appraisals Long Island

Although the sentiment of your engagement ring is priceless, Designs By
Kamni recommends an immediate insurance policy on your valuables.

We provide Insurance Appraisal Certificates along with your custom
jewelry at no additional charge. Our appraisals are set to reflect the
current market retail replacement value in accordance with all major
insurance standards.

In addition to this service, we also provide private appraisals for jewelry
not handcrafted by Designs By Kamni. Contact us regarding an appraisal
for your current valuables and to set up an appointment today.

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Our certified gemologists will be able to guide you on how to acquire an insurance policy on your new engagement ring, or your existing jewelry. You have found the right place for Diamond Appraisals Long Island.

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding how to go about adding your engagement ring or custom jewelry on to you homeowners policy, or how to obtain an independent policy to cover your new asset.