unspecified: Love is in the Air <3
June 05, 2013

Summer time is approaching and you may just fall in love with that hottie at the beach, or that surfing stud. Don’t let your friends get in your head when they tell you that it is just a summer fling. Many people including myself fall in love in the summer time and end up getting married!! Imagine that, marrying your summer fling. That party girl you met may have a soft side and may even be marriage material.

While everyone is thinking about a good time, and enjoying themselves during the summer, it seems to be the perfect time for a wedding! Summer weddings have become the most popular today in 2013. Whether you chose a wedding in your home town, or a destination wedding somewhere nice and tropical, the summer seems to be the best time to do it. Unlike other seasons the weather usually holds up the nicest. With winter, there is a chance of snow and the spring is known for the rain. You can’t really seem to go wrong with a summer wedding. Plus the flowers that bloom during the summer are gorgeous.

Summer weddings are also great for pictures!! With that strong sun beaming off of that beautiful diamond ring, or your hair blowing in the summer breeze. Capture these beautiful moments with a beautiful season.

Before you chose a date for your wedding, think of the pros and cons of each season. Yes summer may be a bit warm, but there is always air condition. The warm weather broadens your choices in so many categories; dresses, flowers, and venues! Have a wedding on the beach ? or how about a water front catering hall. Ideas like this work so much better in the summer !

 Now that summer time is approaching, get ready to meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right. They are out there looking for you!! Happy summer, happy loving!

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