unspecified: Let it snow let it snow let it snow.
December 11, 2013


Designs by Kamni is located in Long Island, New York where we have already experienced snow this year. Have you gotten any snow this year? Well with the winter here and the snow not wasting anytime, how about getting your loved one a snowflake. Not an actual snow flake but a gold snow flake. If you want to stay with the white tone since snow is white, you can go with white gold, or if you want it to pop a bit more, go with yellow. You can stay simple with just gold, or you can get fancy by adding diamonds. It’s a beautiful gift for anyone, and you still have time to order it for Christmas. Don’t be one of those last minuite shoppers who end up paying more than they should ! We save you the trouble of going to the store and paying those crazy retail prices.

Although our specialty is wedding and engagement rings, We can customize any jewelry you like, rings, necklaces, bracelets. You name it, we make it. Place your order today before it is too late !!


Happy Shopping :)

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