unspecified: How to use a diamond besides Jewelry.
July 06, 2013

Of course everyone loves to wear a beautiful diamond necklace, or a pair of fabulous diamond earrings, but there are many cultures that use diamonds for other reasons. Take a look


– In the middle ages, diamonds were used to heal the brain and the pituitary gland related diseases.

– Diamonds were taken to the bed of sick patients I order to draw out toxins.

– They were believed to provide a sense of balance, abundance and clarity. ( I do feel good when I wear diamonds)

– Used to enhance energy

– Used as cutting and engraving tools in the middle ages (imagine that)

– The Greeks used diamonds for magic and sorcery ( I’m sure they were not the only people who did this)

-Talismans against poisons, phantoms and devils.

-Used in the Talmund religion to know if a defendant was innocent or guilty.


I bet you never knew half of the uses for diamonds. I wonder if all these uses actually worked. It shows how far we have come !

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