unspecified: How to find her ring size without her knowing !
April 24, 2013

How to find her ring size.

The last thing you want is for the ring not to fit when you pop the question. I get it, sometimes its hard to figure out her ring size, and you’re so bad at guessing. I’m here to help! Here are some quick and simple tricks that will help make sure there are no sizing errors on that special day. You definitely don’t want the ring to be too small and to make her feel fat.

  1. Steal a ring. Wait for her to fall asleep, or walk away. Search her jewelery box for a another ring of hers. Take it to the jeweler and have it sized. Make sure you don’t get caught doing this and make sure you put the other ring back !
  2. Use your own finger to measure one of hers. If you want to avoid her noticing a missing ring, find a ring she wears and put it on your finger. Mark the top and bottom of the ring that way there is no confusing when you go to the jeweler.  Be sure to have the jeweler measure the markings before you wash it away.
  3. Use soap. As simple as it sound all you do is grab a bar of soap,  find one of her rings, and press the ring against the soap to make an impression. Then like all of the other methods, take the ring imprint to the jeweler and he will match the imprint to one of the ring sizers.

It is not as hard as it seems. It takes a little effort and this task can be completed in 5 minutes tops. If you’re going to marry the girl, she deserves to have a ring that fits the first time. Doing this avoids all the aggravation of having to being the ring back to the jeweler to have it sized. Plus once she has that beautiful ring on her finger, she is not going to want to give it back.

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