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August 27, 2014

In many of our blogs we seem to write about educational material, celebrity jewelry and what we actually do here at Designs by Kamni. We have yet to write about a success story with one of our wonderful clients. Well there’s a first time for everything. This particular client stuck out because of the effort that we went through to make his ring perfect for his bride. There is effort put into every ring, along with love, but you’ll see why this one was so much more. The expression on the brides face was totally worth it all!

Meeting #1 occurred between Kamni personally (like all meetings) and the bride and groom. After being referred to DBK by friends, the couple knew that this was the right place to go for such a unique ring. The bride was not too sure of what she wanted. She wanted to go with something in style yet unique, such as a floating diamond. If you are not familiar with that, a floating diamond is a diamond that is set on a wire. A hole is lasered through the diamond for the wire to fit through, and the rest of the setting can be however the client wants it to be. It gives it that “floating” appearance. Although this concept seemed cool, DBK expressed their concerns as this setting would be risky. If the wire breaks the diamond is very likely to just slide off and be gone forever. Kamni asked the bride if she could see herself wearing the ring set in such a way 20 years from now and that’s when she proposed another idea… She stated she does not really want an engagement ring… maybe just go with a really nice eternity band. She loves the infinity symbol and suggested an eternity band infinity shaped. Kamni then told them that this could be done and at a low cost since it would use 1 to 2 pointer diamonds and the total carat weight would be most likely less than 1 carat. She then said suggested another unique idea – a wedding band with all natural colored diamonds rather than “regular” white diamonds Possibly a wedding band with 0.30 carat natural fancy pink diamonds going all around it. This was a lovely idea but being realistic, it was going to be really, really expensive as pink fancy diamonds are rare in nature. Meeting number one ended with all these ideas left up in the air… Kamni then sized both bride and groom, discussed preferences regarding metals to be used in the construction of the rings such as white gold or yellow gold, 14 karat or 18 karat and exchanging contact information between DBK and the groom.

Floating Diamond

A week later…. Meeting #2 occurred and this time it was the groom and the bride’s BFF (the bride had no idea). The groom then shared his ideas and said how he wanted DBK to help with incorporating his and his bride’s ideas into the perfect wedding ring set and of course the bride’s best friend was there to help and give her thoughts as to what would matter MOST to the bride. The groom really wanted to get her an engagement ring although she was against it. He even introduced the idea of a fancy pink center diamond, which DBK informed him would be very expensive. A pink diamond of over 1 carat in size would cost $150,000 or more! This idea was very quickly squashed. Kamni then suggested that we put in a natural white diamond in the center with two fancy pink diamonds on both sides. We decided to use a cushion cut diamond for the center then two smaller pink diamonds on the side. We continued to discuss different setting ideas including a halo, diamonds on the band, 2 rows of diamonds, small pink diamonds also on the band…. He also told us he definitely wanted an infinity wedding band so Kamni then needed to create an engagement ring that would sit right with the infinity band. This meeting was a lot of highlighting, drawing and planning. Luckily the groom was a graphic designer… later that night he sent the DBK team 10 different variations of similar rings to consider.


Between the second and third meeting, the DBK team did some research on pink diamonds, and where we would be able to get the best price for them. Kamni works with a variety of diamond dealers and has access to 100s of 1000s of diamonds. She wanted to be sure to get the best quality diamonds for the best price to save the customer as much money as she could. The two pink diamonds selected, which were 0.13ct and 0.14ct cushion cut diamonds and both certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as natural fancy pinkish-purple diamonds with an even distribution, fit the budget and seemed like a winner… that’s when we scheduled our next meeting.

For meeting #3 the groom came in to see the pink diamonds we selected for him. It was a pretty quick meeting, since most of the planning was already done. We discussed the final design, budgeting, and a time frame to have the rings completed by… oh and Kamni also gave him a quick crash course on the 4 C’s of diamonds. After the crash course he decided that since his bride was very petite (with a ring size of 3 ¼!!!) he would be able to go with a smaller center stone. Not because he did not want to spend the money but he would rather pay for quality not quantity. At this meeting a deposit for the pink diamonds were left.

The next meeting, meeting #4, which occurred a week later, the groom came alone. Kamni presented him with 3 different cushion cut diamonds- 1.31 carat, 1.51 carat and a 1.56 carat – they were all within his budet, yet the 1.31 had the best specs- it was a G color and VS2 clarity. He went with the 1.31 carat and another deposit was left. We had to move since we were in the first week of December, and he wanted to give her the ring either on News Years or the week after.

After this meeting is when Kamni really went to work. It was her job to make sure the accenting pink diamonds really popped next to such a beautiful center stone, we also needed to make sure it was completely unique since our bride did not even want an engagement ring to begin with. Anything we considered would have to be made custom to the bride’s tiny finger size of a 3 ¾. We needed to create something very delicate, yet eye catching. The DBK Team contacted a jeweler that we work with in Las Angeles and asked them to create a setting based on an image we provided, and advised to have it hand made with wax. Unfortunately the prototype and design for the ring that they sent was too thick and chunky. Kamni was afraid it was going to hit the bride’s knuckles and would not be comfortable nor look right.


Kamni aborted that mission and decided to go shopping herself. She met with a few of her suppliers but there was nothing in stock to use for the design she had envisioned, plus the ring size was so tiny, nothing was available in a 3 ¾. Kamni then decided to go completely custom and went shopping to a vendor in the diamond district of Manhattan and bought a plain unpolished band with room for the side diamonds, then purchased a head for the cushion cut diamond separately. She then took pictures and videos with the diamonds placed in the unpolished metals and sent them to her client to give him some sort of a visual.

photo 1 photo 2

He said that he trusted DBK and that everything looked great so far. He said to finish the design as we knew best. Kamni took these mountings to her jeweler, who does work with many high end jewelry retailers such as Cartier, Van Cleef Arpels, and Saks 5th Avenue. Opposed to using the halo design that the client and DBK had originally spoke about, we placed the cushion cut diamond on an angle to have it shaped like a diamond opposed to the shape of a square. Now both of the rings (the engagement ring and the infinity wedding band) were beautiful, custom and complete.

When the groom picked up the ring on December 29, he was in awe by the completed set. He didn’t want to wait to give her the ring, he wanted to go home and give it to her right away.

When he did decide to give her the ring, he gave her the wedding band first. She thought the ring was beautiful but was a little disappointed that there were no pink diamonds since that is what she wanted. He explained to her that they were very very expensive and it was not something that he could do. A week later he gave her the engagement ring on their “dating anniversary”. She was at a loss for words; she was in love all over again.
It is such a great feeling when you can see that something you created with your own hands has made someone so happy. It is something that we do. We get joy out of making people feel this way. Congratulations to the newlyweds! They were an absolute pleasure to work with and the DBK Team wishes them all the best!

photo 1 photo 2

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