unspecified: Diamond look alikes
September 11, 2013

Diamonds always make everything look better.  Although real diamonds can be wuote expensive, people often opt to use cubic zirconia, or rhinestones to get that “bling factor” that they desire.

Ever notice the bead work done on wedding dresses? It is done to make the bride shine as a diamond would. Putting that many diamonds on an dress would be crazy.

How about when people put sugar diamonds on foods such as a wedding cake or other assorted desserts? The sugar diamonds have the same effect; they make the piece shine like a diamond.

Bridal head pieces are often made of rhinestones and other synthetic stones, in order to help save money, yet have the same affect.

Bridal shoes, jewelry, accessories, you name it, it has diamond look alikes. Using real diamonds on things like this is crazy, especially when it comes to price.


Happy shopping J

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