Blog: Diamond Coating
March 11, 2014

Diamond coating enhances a diamond’s color by masking an undesirable body color with an ultra-thin layer of chemicals or plastics.  Another form of coating involves applying a thin film of synthetic diamond to the surface of a diamond simulant, giving it certain characteristics of a real diamond. The diamonds are brought to a lab where they are treated in order to make them more desirable. These diamonds are beautiful, but unfortunately these types of stones are significantly less in value. A consumer may pay more for the stone, but it’s actually worth is not higher.

Here at Designs by Kamni, we do not use any type of treated diamonds. All diamonds used are GIA certified and come with a certificate from GIA. The certificate will state the 4 C’s ( color, color, clarity, carat) and much more information. GIA does not issue grading reports for any diamond that has undergone a treatment process that’s considered nonpermanent or unstable, such as coating or fracture filling. At DBK we only use the best diamonds for our clients price range, and will do whatever we can you make you happy.

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