unspecified: Cutting a diamond to get a better clarity or even color.
August 17, 2013

Did you inherit great grandma Lucy’s engagement ring but its not exactly what had in mind when you were going to pop the question ? No worries. There are many thing you can do to make that old diamond look new again.

Way back when diamonds were cheaper so you were able to get a larger stone for much less than you would today. Unfortunately, there were different cuts In style and this makes it difficult to reuse a diamond that has been passed down. Today all the girls want princess cut or round,  while 50 years ago pear shaped and marquise were in style. In order to keep that same diamond In the family, you are able to get that diamond recut which will turn that unwanted shaped diamond, into the diamond of her dreams !

Not only can cutting a diamond change the shape of the stone, it can actually benefit the stone in terms of color and clarity. When cutting the stone, you take the chance of cutting away inclusions which decrease the value of the stone. Even though the stone it getting smaller, the value may stay the same, or even increase if the clarity becomes better.

Cutting a diamond can also increase the color of the diamond. The color is based in the angle of the light hitting it and reflecting off of it. It a diamond is cut properly, a naturally yellow tinted diamond can look white.


Hoped this helped. Happy Shopping.

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