Custom Settings

Many of our clients have an idea of what type of engagement ring they have in mind. Kamni listens to her clients and goes through many different designs to show options of what type of prongs can be selected, how thick or thin the band could be, what size diamonds to use in the setting… the customization options are endless. Once Kamni has an idea of what her client wants, and knows what is most important to them regarding the design, she works on making the perfect pre-production rendering.


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Pre-production renderings are computerized images showing the engagement ring in different angles. The ring first is designed in CAD/CAM with each detail covered. The team of talented artists DBK works with all have years of experience from high end luxury jewelry brands to bring  only the highest level of quality and detail to each design. Once pre-production renderings are approved, DBK makes a wax mold and casts the design into any metal (14k, 18k, or platinum). 

DBK stays upto date with changing technology and only creates wax molds from wax machines that print rather than mill their molds. In each step of the process Designs By Kamni makes sure to use only the BEST option available. Once the wax is printed it goes into the casting phase to have it made into metal. With the Internet at our fingertips it is simple to find any wax printing and casting company to create the finished piece, but again, DBK is always staying in tune to who offers the highest level of quality and service in printing and casting custom designs. 


DBK has talented jewelers that also have years of experience and are great at what they specialize in. Micro-pave diamond setters that use a microscope to set stones, master diamond setters to set the center stones, artists that specialize in mil-grain and hand carving designs are just to name a few.

Many companies in the industry offer similar custom services, however, if any corners are cut and quality is compromised throughout any part of the process this will affect the longevity of your custom jewelry piece. Occasional stones falling out of an engagement ring could be due to the prongs being designed too thin in the CAD/CAM phase, or using a cheap wax printing service which compromised on the detail, or lastly the diamond setter not setting it properly. 

Replacing these stones often will make the ring sloppy over time and also affect the neighboring small diamonds on the band causing them to have more chances of getting loose. It is important to know that quality and detail is carried throughout each and every step from start to finish to make sure you are getting a piece of jewelry that is well-made and durable for what life brings its way! Diamonds are forever and the setting it is in should be too.