Blog: Clarity enhancements
April 14, 2014

There are two main techniques for improving a diamond’s clarity; laser drilling and fracture filling.
Laser drilling is used to remove small dark inclusions. There are two ways in which laser drilling can be done. The first way is when the laser makes a small hole into the diamond’s interior and burns away the inclusion. The second way is when the laser makes a small hole into the diamonds interior and creates a channel through which a bleaching agent can be introduced to improve the inclusion’s appearance. White inclusions are less noticeable than black inclusions.
Fracture filling hides white fractures in a diamond called “feathers.” A glass-like substance is injected into the fracture to make it less visible and to improve the stone’s apparent clarity. Because the filling may be damaged or removed during routine cleaning and repair, the technique is controversial. Good fracture filling is very subtle, and so examination by a skilled diamond grader is necessary to detect its presence in a stone.

Although these two methods can enhance the look of a diamond, they decrease the value. A diamond that is naturally flawless is worth much more than a lab made flawless diamond. At Designs by Kamni, we use what you want. If you want to use a lab enhanced diamond to hide some of the inclusions than that’s what we can do. We do not recommend doing so because the value of the diamond is significantly less. We will do whatever you want to make you happy. Why not set up an appointment and design a ring that is designed custom for you.

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