Fashion: Chain Rings – The New Hot Thing
March 01, 2014

Chain rings are definitely the new IN thing to have!

Since you can only wear a chain or two around your neck before it starts to get gaudy, designers have come up with a new kind of chain – a CHAIN RING! There are so many different kinds of styles of chain rings- single chain that sits like a regular ring, or two rings; one on the bottom of your finger where you would wear a regular ring, and one towards the fingertip with a chain connecting the two. Completely different from one another, but they are both the new fad. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, and Dijula Joaillerie have already added chain rings to their collections. There has been talk that other high end designers will be designing chain rings too.
Designs by Kamni makes custom chain rings of all types. DBK can create something as simple or as complex as you want. Want to add diamonds? No problem. How about rubies or sapphires? No problem. DBK can make you anything you want. Chunky, delicate or unique. We here at designs by Kamni want to make your experience memorable and pleasurable. Let us make you a ring only you have. with us the only thing you will have to worry about is making sure your nails look good because everyone is going to want to see your new chain ring.
Visit the Designs by Kamni website. Don’t be afraid to get a little wild, your chain ring will tie you down.

Designs By Kamni not only specializes in custom engagement rings but also has a love and passion for custom hand jewelry, especially intricate rings. Designing jewelry is fun, and with the right jeweler by your side, sky is the limit.

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