Engagement: Be Unique
December 28, 2013

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What do you think of when you hear the word engagement ring? Diamonds and bling of course! Well at least that’s what I think. Do you want to be different and surprise your lovely lady with something different and unique? Just because the ring doesn’t have a huge diamond in the center, it does not mean that it was not expensive. Don’t let that fool you. Precious stones can be just as expensive as diamonds.

You can do smaller diamonds set into a large setting. This allows for more customization opposed to a single solitaire stone.

If she’s the rainbow of your eye, you can do pave multi colored stones with diamonds mixed in.

Incorporate her favorite flower, roses symbolize love and lilies symbolize long lasting relationships.

Use her favorite color, emeralds (green), Rubies (red), amethyst (purple). Let her know you love her and that you know what she likes.

What other way to show her you love her than by using a heart? an actually heart shaped ring, or a heart shaped stone, either way you can go wrong.

There are so many possibilities when you are making a ring custom. You only do this once (hopefully), do it right. Let her know how much she means to you by giving her a ring like no other. We are always taking orders and are open to giving free quotes.

Happy Shopping :)

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