unspecified: Be careful where you shop.
September 21, 2013


When buying an engagement ring for your bride to be, be sure to stay away from the big name jewelry stores. Jared, Kay, Macys, and Zales are just naming a few. These large name companies mass produce product which means they are not always properly made, and you are not always receiving the quality that you are told. They are also highly overpriced, which I discussed in one of my previous blogs. Also, it seems to be a pattern that the customer service at these stores is not what it should be. As the workers deal with many customers a day, they do not seem to get personal and build a relationship with the customer like a smaller shop would do.

From personal experience, my engagement ring came from Kay Jewelers and after having it for 6 months I was told two of my stones were lose ! 6 MONTHS ! I was so mad, and the woman went on to tell me that this was a common problem. You would think that if it was a common problem the manufacturer would fix the issue. No.

I am not the only one who feels this way. Many customers have had issues like this. And a lack in customer service seems to be a common issue. Take a look at the website below with some reviews from customers other than myself.


Happy Shopping :)

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