unspecified: Assher Vs. emerald Cut diamonds.
February 05, 2014


There are so many different types of diamond shapes and cut. Depending on the taste of the person wearing the ring, some stone shapes may be more preferred.  Each stone will look different in a particular setting, some will look fabulous while others will not. If your bride to be wants a specific type of setting keep this in mind before choosing your stone. Remember you can contact Designs by Kamni where we can make a one of a kind ring just for you.

Each shape  can make a ring look completely different. As some shapes and cuts seem to look very similar, when you take a closer look you can see the difference. For example, The difference between an emerald and Asscher cut diamond is huge. These two diamond cuts may look similar, but in reality, the diamond is much different. Both Asscher and emerald cuts have parallel step cuts at their edges and cropped corners that show off beautiful qualities of the diamonds. But, they differ in the shape of the diamond. The shape of the Asscher cut is square, whereas the emerald cut is rectangular. The Asscher cut it square, but is not a princess cut, which is also a similar cutting style.


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