unspecified: Are you a Traditional Bride ?
June 15, 2013

Following the old legend that a bride must have something old, new, borrowed and blue? There are so many ways you can go with fulfilling these “requirements” before you get married. Jewelry is the easiest way to go though, since it fits into all four categories.


Something old: How about pinning an old broach that your grandmother used to wear to your bouquet. Not only does this have sentimental value, but it adds some “zazz” to your flowers.

Something new: have your hubby to be buy you a new set of earrings for the big day (I think you deserve it, you’re spending the rest of your life with him). 

Something borrowed: you’ve always liked that necklace that your sister in law to be wears and you think it would look perfect. Don’t be shy! Ask to borrow it. You’re the bride which means you get what you want.

Something blue: this can be a tricky one, but there are lots of blue jewelry pieces out there. There are stones such as sapphire, aqua marine and blue topaz which are blue in color but did you ever consider a blue diamond? Blue diamonds can vary in color based on their hue and the intensity and saturation of the pigment. You can chose a color that best suits your liking and can help make your special day sparkle that much more.


As a piece of jewelry can perfect your perfect day, you are also able to wear it more than once. This way it is not wasted money, where you are only going to wear it once. Not only will it will a symbol of your love, but a reminder of your special day.

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