unspecified: Alex and Ani- the New Pandora.
August 31, 2013


As new fashion trends fade in and out, Alex and Ani Energy bracelets have been quite a hit. Some say that it may be replacing Pandora as the prices are competitive and the bracelets are just as customizable.

Alex and Ani believes in the power of positive energy, a core company principle. Their mission is to share the benefits of positive energy through the unique beauty and symbolism of our products. By infusing the positive energy into the beautiful pieces the jewelry, the consumer is absorbing that energy, helping them feel great when they wear it.

There are hundreds of different designs from family orientated, to astrology signs. Not only are they unique because there is such a huge variety, but they are also made to fit all sized wrists.

They are very simple looking, not too bulky, a single thin band with a charm of choice. They can either be worn alone, or stacked with other bracelets. This allows for either a classy, or edgy look. It’s your choice. Be different, be bold. It’s your choice !

Happy Shopping !

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